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How we help our clients

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Discovery Call

When you first approach us, we will evaluate your business and personal tax returns, as well as any pertinent financial information, to identify mistakes and missed opportunities.

We will go over your goals and business objectives, we will review your accounting pain points and how we could help you find solutions for them We will provide you an estimate of how much we can save you on your taxes, and let you know our price for your customized tax plan.


Tax Planning

Based on the information obtained during our Discovery Call and data we gather through

questionnaires, additional documentation, and your goals and objectives, we will create a customized Tax Plan with the different strategies that will save you every single penny allowed by the IRS, year after year, increasing your profits exponentially and helping you reach your financial goals much faster. 

Filling Out Tax Form


Tax Plan Implementation

Once we present the tax reducing strategies to you, the next step is to decide which strategies, if not all, you would like to implement. Strategies may include the creation of a new entity, reasonable compensation studies, cost segregation studies, the creation of retirement accounts, and many others.

We will help you through this process by teaming up and engaging experts in different areas (cost segregation engineers, financial advisors, estate planning attorneys, etc.). 



Proactive Maintenance Services

We will be your proactive tax advisors in the years to come, helping you maintain your strategies, making sure you are complying with the plan’s strategies and IRS requirements.


As part of your maintenance plan, we will prepare your personal and business tax return.

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